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October 2007

Cover Story

Masjid Kubah Emas - A Symbol of the Beauty and Glory of Islam

This mosque is a phenomenon in itself: Masjid Dian Al Mahri, commonly known as Masjid Kubah Emas, the Mosque with the Golden Domes. It was built from a strong desire to remind Muslims to constantly praise and repeat His name, in this noble and luxurious setting...more


On The Road

Revival of Trusmi

The lyrics of a dangdut song from a radio snuck into our ears as we entered a simple batik workshop in the back of a house. It made me smile inside; I knew the song, Elvi Sukaesih's Cinta Rahasia (Secret Love), because it was popular when I was in junior high school, around 20 years ago! I was delighted to hear it still being played on the radio here in Cirebon, and it still sounded great. But my nostalgic daydreams about my youth ended when someone turned off the radio; the workers had realized that the arrivals were their boss, Mas Komar, and myself...more

On The Road

The City that Woke up and Transformed Itself

Joining Garuda Indonesia's Familiarization Trip to Guilin along with a number of travel agent representatives—at the invitation of the Gulin Tourism Bureau and the city government of Gulin— opened my eyes to Guilin, a city that used to rely solely on agriculture but has now transformed itself into a tourism destination attracting visitors from all around the world. The local government has, as if by magic, turned this autonomous region in Guangxi province into a city of tourism. Obviously, this entailed careful, continuous research...more

On The Road

The Lost Sriwijaya

I'll never forget what a tour guide once told our group: People nowadays always know the latest news, but they tend to ignore their own history. Yet it is our history that has created the stories of the present. This message stuck in my mind, perhaps because it seemed so cynical. I must admit that I had never been that interested in history, but for some reason I decided to disprove what the tour guide had said...more


Special Feature

Garuda Photo Competition - A Competition for the Select Few

The process started by soliciting photos through announcements in various media and events from 1 February through 31 May 2007. A total of 6085 photos were received for the general category, 826 photos in the student category, and 112 photos in the hand phone category. Then, during June and July, the jury – Goenadi Haryanto, Arbain Rambey, Johnny Santoso, Doddy Tjarma, Jan Dekker, and Honorary Jurors Alistair G. Speirs, Asa Perkasa and Fahriyadin – selected the best photos from among those sent in by post or email...more


Beauty, Brain and Brawn

"I had a fantastic week," concluded Daniela Hantuchova, despite her loss (4-6, 6-3, 2-6) to Lindsay Davenport, who re-captured her Commonwealth Bank Tennis Classic 2007 title at the finals. And so did just about everyone else who closely followed the annual event that very week in Bali (9-16 September), which hosted South East Asia's largest (and 13th) Sony Ericsson-WTA Tour...more

Julia’s Essay

When Giving is Getting

During Ramadhan-which runs for a month from mid-September-Muslims are supposed to embark on a journey of self-purification. The fasting required during this month is just the physical means to this end. Purification of the soul and the strengthening of taqwa (faith and devotion) is the real objective...more