Timber Time

In sculpture, the medium, just as much as the artwork, conveys the message. For Solo-born artist Anusapati, wood speaks the loudest.

Artist Anusapati’s recent MateREALITY exhibition came to Yogyakarta’s Sangkring Art Space from November 13 to December 8, 2012. The artist, who is renowned for using wood in his creations, awed visitors with “Interlude”, a piece that consisted of a set of rail tracks running up the wall of a small building. Anusapati illustrates how wood, and trees by extension, form an invisible link between the past and the present. Another piece, “Going Back in Time”, presented wood in its original form before it became a human commodity. This thought-provoking artist thus posits wood as something to be savoured, as it will inevitably disappear, to be replaced by other materials.

Photographs: Courtesy of Jogja Contemporary, Riki Zoels