So-called anthology or omnibus films, which compile several related stories, are all the rage in the Indonesian film world at the moment. Based on the eponymous book by popular author Dewi Lestari, or Dee as she is more commonly known, "Rectoverso" is aiming to make an equally big splash with moviegoers.

The film’s first story, “Malaikat Juga Tahu” (“Angels Also Know”), was directed by Marcella Zalianty, with Handojo Ve in the role of screenwriter. This short tale tells of the close relationship that exists between a boarding-house landlady and her autistic son Abang.

The second tale in the film, “Firasat” (“Premonition”), was directed by Rachel Maryam and it revolves around Senja, who has a premonition every time someone she loves is about to leave her. The third story, directed by Cathy Sharon, is a love story that revolves around the character of Taja, an artist. Taja and Saras have been separated for six years, however a chance meeting at an art exhibition rekindles their love story.

The action then moves on to the fourth mini film, “Curhat Buat Sahabat”, which was directed by Olga Lidya, before concluding with the film’s final tale, “Hanya Isyarat” (“Just Gestures”), which was directed by Sinetron star Happy Salma.

The five short films of “Rectoverso” were directed by five actresses who are making their directorial debuts. The film opens on February 14.